Isabella Lisica
Murmuras is honored with the 2024 Science Award
Murmuras won the 17th Science Award for Best Startup with their innovative platform for analyzing Retail Apps and mobile consumer behavior. Founded in 2019 at the University of Bonn, the company has e…
Isabella Lisica
Personalized Couponing in Major Retail Chain Apps
While coupons are a beloved feature, the analysis indicates that leading retail apps are still in the early stages of implementing personalized strategies. However, a case study highlighting the succe…
Isabella Lisica
The Growing Importance of Food Retail Apps - Part 2
The retail industry is in the midst of a digital transformation, with apps from major retailers such as Lidl, Edeka, and DM gaining increasing popularity. How can retailers and FMCG leverage this tren…
Isabelle Halscheid
The growing importance of food retailer apps - Part 1
The food giants in Germany are pushing their own apps. This is shown by a study by Murmuras, in which the food retail app behavior of the four major food retailer groups in Germany was recorded and an…
Isabelle Halscheid
Mobile ad and shopping behaviour in the run up to Christmas – 21 vs. 22
Even during Christmas season, the ongoing crises affect many areas of the economy. Companies are saving on their marketing budgets, which is also reflected in mobile advertising. After years of increa…
Isabelle Halscheid, Jeremy Kleindienst
Summer 2022 - What App Data reveals about Germans' vacation plans
Advertising for city trips, price comparison for beach vacations, shopping for camping equipment - the topic of vacation is fully present in people's minds in the summer of 2022, despite current world…
Jeremy Kleindienst
Easter 2022 - Advertising and Shopping in Smartphone Apps
In addition to painted eggs and chocolate bunnies, Germans spent their 2022 Easter season using smartphone apps. We analyzed in-app behavioral data, taking a special look at ads seen and shopping beha…
Jeremy Kleindienst
Cookiecalypse - What Google's decision means for tracking after 2023
2023 is the end of third-party cookies in Chrome. As part of the Privacy Sandbox" initiative, Google wants to introduce a number of changes that should assure users of greater privacy and control over…
Isabelle Halscheid
Black Week 2021 - Advertising and Shopping in Smartphone Apps
The Corona pandemic continues to shape people's everyday lives in 2021. We are continuing our article series on [Christmas shopping behavior](/blog/shopping-study-2020/). Our analysis focuses on Black…
Felix Metzger
Changes in smartphone app use during the global Facebook outage on 4 October 2021
On Monday, October 4th all Facebook apps stopped working for around six hours. With Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and Messenger down, smartphone users were forced to use different apps, especially for…
Clara Vetter
Free smartphone app & platform to study human behavior for students and researchers
We provide you with free tools to study participants’ behavior in real-time. Create a study on our web platform, collect smartphone usage, mobility, and questionnaire data via app and export it into y…
Murmuras receives support from BMVI to optimize public transport planning using smartphone data
Since both digital activities (e.g., app usage) and behavior in the physical world (GPS/mobility) can be captured via cell phones, this multi-channel technology is specifically suited for optimizing p…
Clara Vetter
Most used smartphone apps of 2020 – Whatsapp, Instagram and Facebook at the top
Social media platforms like Whatsapp, Instagram and Facebook dominated the most used apps of the past year. WhatsApp is
Clara Vetter
Is there a correlation between happiness & income? A large smartphone study challenges old insights
A widely-received 2010 study found happiness does not increase above an annual income of $75,000. A methodically better 2020 study based on smartphone-data challenges this finding. Who's right, and ho…
Shopping app behavior before Christmas 2020
Corona has changed shopping and consumer behavior significantly. Due to lock-down (-light), people relied more on online and mobile shopping to buy gifts for Christmas. To study shopping trends before…
Good Morning Smartphone! How Germany sleeps in 2020
A large proportion of the working population still uses their smartphone after 11 pm. At the same time, 65% of phone alarm clocks ring before 7 am. In every fifth night, smartphone free time is less t…
Clara Vetter
Are Corona-Warn-App users more cautious? – Behavioral data from Germany
Smartphone apps are supposed to play a key role in fighting the spread of coronavirus. We analyzed mobility behavior and smartphone app usage of 668 people, to find out whether users of Corona-Warn-Ap…
What smartphone data reveals about human behavior - Opportunities for academic researchers
As constant companions, smartphones provide unique insights into people's daily lives and behaviors. While big tech companies have been using these insights for over 10 years, the method is only now e…
Objective alternatives to surveys in empirical research
In both scientific and market research, surveys are among the top used data collection methods to get insights into human behavior. The questionnaire, as a research method, pioneered almost 200 years …
Qais Kasem
Smartphone behavior during the Corona pandemic - Real app usage data from Germany.
To get a better understanding of how the corona pandemic has impacted people’s lives during lockdown, we looked at smartphone behavior. Here, we describe how real-time app usage of 755 study participa…